The Foundation

LFSF exists to equip organizations to realize Computing That Just Plain Works!™ Such IT solutions must have the following attributes:

  • Highest Quality
  • Most Secure
  • Most Efficient
  • Most Productive
  • Without Compromise
  • And at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than when using traditional methods!

LFSF delivers this through:

  • Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)
  • Free Intellectual Property (IP)

These offerings are provided free of charge less any of these offerings be deemed too expensive for an organization to implement, thus withholding these benefits from a portion of humanity. No longer need people compromise with less than the best solution as they are choosing to focus on "a penny saved" instead of the benefits associated from using the best solution possible.

Computers were invented to make work easier for their human masters. Not long ago a young man had a vision to put a computer on every desk in the world, though he did not promise that the computers would work, provide efficiency, be reliable, or be secure. Today work requires computers, but humans spend significant portion of time trying to keep the computers working so that work can be accomplished. Who is the slave, and who is the master?

The Greater Purpose

We provide these services gladly as we desire to serve you with absolutely pure motives. There is no product we are enticing you to buy, no pop-up click advertisements, no spyware. While so much of the world is busy trying to "make a buck" off of you, steal from you, clog up your computer with spyware and viruses, we simply desire to make the portion of your life you spend working with computers as good as possible.

In the classic 1947 movie "Miracle on 34th Street", Hollywood poked and jabbed at the selfish ways of this world we live in. Ah the scene of Mr. Kringle and Alfred lamenting the "isms" in this world... commercialism being what they deem the worst. Today it is far worse than it was in 1947.

Or better yet, the 1946 classic "It's a Wonderful Life" where George Bailey stands up for the best interests of the people of Bedford Falls, whereas the villein Henry F. Potter seeks to buy up the entire town, literally make everyone his slave earning the wadges he offers, living in the shacks he provides. Mind you, all of the town's people do not automatically support George's efforts. When hard times come, people look for quick fixes for their predicament, and Potter is always there with his greedy hands to snatch the people up.

Is the world today really that different than the portion of the film portraying what the world might have been had George Bailey never been born? Look at the types of businesses which were being run... then look around your own city. Folks, there are a lot of Potter's in this world. They offer you a quick fix, but no lasting solution. They have their own interests in mind. In the end they make this world less pleasurable to live in, even for themselves... but that is of no impact to them... they are numb and callous to the world they help shape.

We have invested over 10 years of our lives learning and mastering techniques that can radically change IT systems for the better. In those years, only a small portion of the people in this would have been reached with these better ways of computing. It is the goal of this organization to make a positive impact in the life of every human on the face of the earth. To help us reach that goal, how may we serve you today?

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Last update:   28 June 2006